Name Alaska Young
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Career Student
Residence Alabama, USA
Book Looking For Alaska (John green)
How She Died Car Accident

Alaska Young is a student who attends Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama. She lives at 48 in the dorms. She is from Vine Station, Alabama.

Alaska makes friends with Pudge, the main character in Looking For Alaska. They, the colonel and Takumi often went to the 'smoking hole' to have a cigarette. on January 10th 1997 Alaska's Mother passed away, at the time Alaska was too scared to call 911, so waited until her father came home. Alaska has since blamed herself for her mothers death. Her mother loved white flowers so every year Alaska has put white flowers beside her mothers grave.

Her DeathEdit

She was drunk one year and was talking to her boyfriend Ryan over the phone, she was doodling a picture of a daisy by the payphone when she remembered that it was the 10th of January and she had forgotten to put flowers beside her mothers grave. She paniced and quickly hung up, got in her car and drove out of campus towards her mothers grave, she hit a police car which was blocking a jack-knifed truck, Alaska died instantly.


Her funeral was held on Sunday the 16th Of January, Her Father, Pudge, The colonel, Lara and Takumi were the only people to attend. Alaska had an closed casket as Alaska said she didn't want an open casket when she saw her dead mother, who had an open casket.


  • The 10th of January is National Alaska Young day.
  • Why she hit the police car without slowing down is unknown.