Name Rue         
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5 Younger Siblings

Career N/A
Residence District 11
Book/Movie The Hunger Games
How she died Speared

Rue (12) Was From District 11 where she lived in poverty, She was the oldest of her siblings and found food for them, which is against the law in district 11.

Her name was picked in the reeping, so she had no choice but to fight in the hunger games. She teamed up with the main Character, Katniss, they shared food and hunted together. They became allies, and friends in the arena, this was something which wasn't common.

Her DeathEdit

She and Katniss had a plan to blow up the careers food supply. Katniss instructed Rue to light three bonfires so that they distracted the careers, their plan worked, and Katniss had managed to blow up the supplies. Katniss made her way to the agreed meeting place, when Katniss became suspicious that Rue hadn't returned. Suddenly Katniss heard Rue screaming for her name, Katniss rushed over, and found Rue tangled in a net, Marvel threw a spear into Rue, Katniss fired an arrow into Marvels neck, killing him. Katniss sung to Rue till she passed away.


Rue's real funeral is not mentioned but Katniss picks a selection of wild flowers and makes them into a bed for Rue.